Existing resources: Being a good mentor

OCTOBER 29TH, 2020 AT 5:52 PM

The Advice to a Scientist serves to foster an inclusive community, curate open-access content, and build platforms to connect anyone interested in a career in STEM. You can learn more about us here.

Below is a series of existing resources developed over the years and archived here for easy access.

Resources & links

  • "New Faculty Tips on Having a Successful Mentoring Experience" by Tomorrow's Professor Postings blog
  • Cell Stem Cell "Mentoring the Next Generation" series
  • "Teach Better, Save Time, and Have More Fun: A Guide to Teaching and Mentoring in Science" by Beuning, Besson, Snyder
  • "Tomorrow's Professor" is a blog that provides advice on a variety of topics, including academic careers, teaching, mentorship, professional growth, and research
  • "Future of Research" is a resource that promotes grassroots advocacy among junior researchers while publishes reports on data about the scientific training
  • Dr. Uri Alon provides a number of useful resources for "nurturing scientists" on his lab website

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